What Is Equity Release?

If you're aged 55 or over and own a home, Equity Release provides you with access to money tied up in your property. There are various plans available, offering options such as a tax-free lump sum, regular income, or a mix of both. The unique part is that you won't need to make any repayments during your lifetime.

Your financial advisor will guide you towards an Equity Release Plan tailored to your needs. Our role is to ensure you fully understand the process, your legal responsibilities, and the potential outcomes, empowering you to make decisions confidently.

 Popular Reasons for Releasing Equity

  • Home repairs and improvements
  • Purchasing a second home
  • Repaying an existing mortgage or debts
  • Gifting to family and friends
  •  Covering daily living expenses
  • Buying a car
  • Funding home care
  • Enjoying holidays




Two Main Types Of Equity Release Plans

Lifetime Mortgage

Release money without repayments until you leave the property or pass away. Interest accumulates over time and is included in the repayment sum.

Home Reversion

Sell all or part of your home's interest for money, along with a lease allowing you to stay rent-free for life.

Your financial advisor will recommend the best scheme tailored to your needs.







Why is Equity Release Popular?

While Equity Release is not a new concept, it is now regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, providing assurance.

Your financial advisor is fully authorised and qualified to offer expert advice. Releasing capital from your home has become a widely accepted method for retirement planning and financial enhancement. Equity Release has evolved, offering improved benefits and variety, leading to more retired homeowners being able to leverage the equity in their homes.







 “Everything was clearly explained and the whole process was carried out without a single hitch!”



“As my husband was in hospital while we were trying to move, and life was very stressful it was a great comfort when with just a phone call I was given all the help I needed. Thank you all.”



“Thank you for your explanation of every stage of the process and with easy words. The friendliness of all the staff who ever rang me.”



“Extremely pleased with the way that BBHLS handled the equity release from my property and dealt with repaying the outstanding mortgage on my behalf.”



“The process was professional, calm, efficient and friendly. Excellent service. I had the best outcome. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a favourable deal. I have nothing but praise for the high level of advice and really appreciated the support and guidance.”







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