Road Traffic Accidents are unfortunately extremely common and the injuries suffered by those involved can vary from minor whiplash to fatal injuries. BBH Legal Services Ltd are an experienced personal injury law firm in the UK with dedicated teams who specialise in Road Traffic Accident Claims.

We have many years experience of dealing with personal injury claims and always strive to obtain the maximum amount of compensation our clients deserve in the shortest possible time.

We can help anyone who has suffered injuries in a Road Traffic Accident which was someone else's fault and have extensive experience of acting for drivers, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and also children injured in Road Traffic Accidents.

Whiplash is the most common injury sustained in a road traffic accident, but many other injuries are possible. It is important to seek advice and appropriate treatment as soon as an injury becomes clear.

Introduction to Car Accident Claims

If you are involved in a car accident which was not your fault and you suffer an injury you may be entitled to make a car accident claim for compensation. Regardless of whether you were a driver in the car accident, a passenger or a pedestrian, BBH Legal Services Ltd may be able to help you make a personal injury compensation claim.

Making a Personal Injury Claim

To make a successful personal injury compensation claim you would need to prove that another person was responsible for the accident, this could be the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in or a third party driver that has collided with you. A compensation claim for your injuries could then be made against this person’s insurance company. Compensation is awarded for pain,suffering and loss of amenity – this is your inability to do things that you could do before the accident.

Compensation may also be recovered for financial losses,such as loss of earnings and travel expenses; provided that it can be proven that these losses occurred as a direct result of the accident.

The aim of a loss and expenses claim is to put you back into the position you would have been in had the accident not occurred.

Receipts for any expenses incurred as a result of road traffic accident should be kept in a safe place.

Claiming compensation following a Road Traffic Accident

If you have suffered a personal injury in a road traffic accident in the last three years, you may be able to make a compensation claim.

If you instruct us to act for you, we will gather evidence and investigate further to establish if you have a valid claim for compensation.

You will be under no obligation to instruct us but if BBH Legal Services Ltd do deal with your claim, you will keep 100% of the compensation awarded to you and we will recover our legal fees from the person responsible for your injury or their insurers.

There are strict time limits in place to make any personal injury compensation claim, you may need to act quickly. 

Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) - All motor insurers contribute funds to a body called the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), they compensate victims when the person at fault is uninsured or untraced.

The Motor Insurers Bureau will deal with claims registered within 9 months of the accident, and will also expect the accident to have been reported to the police. Claims to the Motor Insurers Bureau are subject to certain conditions and excesses and fault still has to be proven.